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 How to Post Jutsus, seals and weapons - - [Must Read]

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How to Post Jutsus, seals and weapons - - [Must Read] Empty
PostSubject: How to Post Jutsus, seals and weapons - - [Must Read]   How to Post Jutsus, seals and weapons - - [Must Read] Icon_minitime1Thu May 26, 2011 6:45 am

----------JUTSU TEMPLATE-----------[manditory, can be modified as well]

Jutsu Rank: (The rank of the technique, D-S)
Jutsu Type: (Is your jutsu a ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, so forth?)
Jutsu Chakra Nature: (Mainly applies to ninjutsu. Is your technique a fire, water, lightning, earth, etc. jutsu.)
Jutsu Users: (Who all is using this technique?)
Jutsu Description: (Describe what your jutsu does.)

----------CURSED TEMPLATE-----------[optional]

Cursed Seal Name: (The name of your cursed seal.)
Cursed Seal Description: (What does your cursed seal look like in all three states.)
Cursed Seal Effect: (What effect does the cursed seal have on your character, include a distraction as well.)

----------WEAPONS TEMPLATE-----------[optional]

Weapon/Equipment Name: (The name of your weapon/equipment.)
Weapon/Equipment Description: (What does your equipment or weapon look like?)
Weapon/Equipment Effect: (What is the effect that your weapon or equipment have in battle.)
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How to Post Jutsus, seals and weapons - - [Must Read]
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