Traversing a Grey Dawn Over Funeral Winds
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 Pein's jutsu's

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PostSubject: Pein's jutsu's   Fri May 27, 2011 9:13 am

Rank//Chakra Info.
Ninja Rank: Kage
Specialty: Rinnegan, Fire, Water, Lightning
Elements: Fire, Water,Lightning, Earth, Wind
Your ninjutsu:
Deva Path Techniques:

Shinra Tensei (Divine Punishment)
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary/Defense/Attack
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40 (+20 for mid size, +40 for large scale)
Damage: 80 (+20 for mid size, +40 for large scale)
Description: Manipulate gravity to repulse matter away from the user, with such force that it can easily shatter stone. By using this technique as a defensive measure, most if not all attacks directed to the user will be deflected, no matter the size or mass. The greatest example of its defensive might was from its ability to effortlessly deflect the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, a jutsu with power considered beyond S-rank. The ability can be used on individuals, by directing the arm toward another person, or around the user in the form of a perfect wave that repels all incoming attacks.
Note: If the user uses it on a regular scale they may not use it the following turn, if used for the mid scale they may not use it for 2 turns, if the user uses it on the large scale they may not use it again for 5 turns and they lose 40% of their life
-Useable up to 4 times per battle.

Bensho Ten’in
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary/Defense/Attack
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: Manipulates gravity at the users will, however instead of pushing objects away, it draws them close.
-Useable up to 4 times per battle.

Chibaku Tensei
Rank: Forbidden
Type: Attack/Supplementary/Defense
Range: Long
Chakra: 120
Damage: 160
Description: The user creates a dark black sphere that is thrown into the sky and pulls surrounding earth into a single point, piling on top of one another until it creates a large sphere. This technique is quite devastating, as it created a massive crater and devestated the forest and mountains around it. The Sage of the Six Paths had mastered this technique to an extent that he created the moon itself, and his technique paled in comparison to it. Despite it's admitted inferiority, it was still strong enough to both hold out against Naruto's Six-Tailed Fox Menacing Ball and incapacitate Naruto and trap him in his six-tailed transformation, an impressive feat, although it failed to contain Naruto when he slipped into his eight-tailed transformation.
Note: Due to the massive amount of chakra needed for the jutsu the user is unable to use this jutsu again during the rest of the fight and is unable to use Shinra Tensei for the following 8 turns. As well that the user loses 75% of their health once used.
-only once per battle-

Animal Path Abilities:
Multi-Summoning Technique :
Giant Drill-Beaked Bird,Giant Multi-Headed Dog,Giant Panda,Giant Rhino,Giant Ram,Giant Crustacean, Giant Centipede ,Giant Snake-Tailed Chameleon ,The Other Pain Bodies. The extravagance of summoning.

Preta Path Abilities:
Chakra Absorption Technique

-allows the user to absorb the physical and spiritual energy of an opponent. The user can absorb all of the opponent's chakra, causing death and also granting the user much more power. In the anime, it has been shown that stored-up energy can also be released in the form of a shockwave.

~Sealing Technique Absorption Seal

-A highly advanced sealing technique that creates a small, bubble-like barrier around of the user that is capable of absorbing any chakra that comes into contact with it, regardless of any spacial or elemental re-composition the chakra possesses. As a result, this technique can absorb any Ninjutsu technique, regardless of power, without harming the user.

Human Path Abilities
Mental Manipulation:
~Mind Reading-By placing a hand on the target's head, the user will be able to enter the target's subconscious and extract any information needed, even if the target has forgotten it himself or has had it blocked.
~Soul Removal-an interrogation technique used to forcibly enter the mind of the victim to extract information. The mind reading of the technique is unique as unlike the standard Mind Reading technique, it takes much less time and requires no special equipment, simply the user touching the top of the victim's head. If the victim doesn't possess the information Pain is looking for, or if their usefulness ends, Pain appears to rip the victim's consciousness (i.e. soul) out of them.

Asura Path Abilities
Body Alterations:
Three Faces,Six Arms,Enhanced Strength,Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability
Flaming Arrow Missiles,Laser Explosion,Chakra Propulsion Boots,Hidden Drill Hands,Saw-Blade Sash

Nakara Path Abilities
King of Hell-is a technique that summons a giant demonic figure with the apparent use of interrogation. It is capable of discerning whether an individual is lying or not. When implemented on a target, a serpent like apparition emerges from their mouth, most likely the victim's life force energy, and it is consumed by the figure. If they are lying (or refuse to answer the question), their life force energy is taken and they die. If the target is telling the truth, they don't die, though they're left extremely exhausted.

Shouten no Jutsu) - Shape Changing Technique

Chakra Cost:N/A
Damage Points:N/A
Description: This technique requires another person to sacrifice their body so it can take on the almost real form of the user. The user will totally control the sacrifice and donate a portion of their chakra (30%) to the sacrifice since they will be unable to tap into the original user�s chakra. While the ninja acts in the sacrificed body, they can perform all of their techniques so long as they have chakra. Once the chakra runs out or the sacrificial body dies (30% Base Health), the shape change will end. The sacrificing ninja can survive this technique so long as they are not killed in battle. The original user will stay in a meditative state so long as the technique is active and will not wake up until they release their hold over the host ninja. *Note: The drawback to this technique is the user�s actual body can be damaged (potentially critically since they are asleep) and will not be able to regain consciousness until they release control over their host. Once released, the connection cannot be re-established, though remainder of chakra not used will be returned.
Note:Only Pein can use this jutsu

(Jutsu Mugamuchuu) - Technique Absorption

Chakra Cost:Same jutsu being absorbed + 10
Damage Points:90
Description:The user can absorb an incoming jutsu.
Note:Only Pein can use this jutsu no exceptions.Can only use 4 times per battle.

(Debari no Jutsu) - Astral Projection

Chakra Cost:20
Damage Points:N/A
Description: By forming the needed hand seals, a distorted astral form of the ninja�s being will appear at any desired location. This spirit is not tangible but still allows the user to perform jutsu that would not require creating a tangible body to perform. While in the spirit form, the ninja�s voice will also sound deep and distorted. While the technique is active, the real body remains inactive in a meditative state.
Note:Must be taught this jutsu by an Akatsuki Character(All Akatsuki Can use this automatically.)
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Pein's jutsu's
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