Traversing a Grey Dawn Over Funeral Winds
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 Reawakened Akatsukis...Chapter 1 -[Recruitment]

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PostSubject: Reawakened Akatsukis...Chapter 1 -[Recruitment]   Tue May 24, 2011 10:41 am

The Akatsuki is a group of S-Ranked criminals who have betrayed their
villages. They are banded together with the sole purpose of hoping to
achieve world domination. The Akatsuki is supposed to be composed of 10 Main members. There
is no known criteria to be a member, but all members are extremely
powerful and some of the most dangerous people in the series. Akatsuki
members travel in pairs, with one member complementing the abilities of
the other.

Akatsuki members all wear a dark black cloak with red clouds
on it. The cloak also has a collar that fully covers the neck of the
individual. Members also have nail polish on their fingernails and
toenails. They also wear forehead protectors from their respective
villages with the symbols crossed out. Each Akatsuki member also wears
an unique ring. Each ring bears some sort of special significance that
is unknown at this point.

After the formation of the akatsukis , most of them were however destroyed...The survivors of the 3rd great shinobi wars were Madara, Nagato and Sasori...They pledged to avenge their comrades by taking over konoha and now the story begins, Sasori has been assigned to recruit newer akatsuki members, luckily discovering something which can renew it's old foundations...? O_O New and Powerful akatsuki members Join in, who might they be? and and what is soon to become of this dreaded chatango shinobi world, only you will see...\m/ Akatsukis \m/
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Reawakened Akatsukis...Chapter 1 -[Recruitment]
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